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Hearbirds.com is a web site dedicated to the appreciation of natural sounds and soundscapes. The web site and the course, an "Introduction to Bird Songs and Bird Sounds", were developed and are supported at Osprey Ridge Studio of Inverness, California. Please read more about us.

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Hearbirds features illustrations from and links to the Whatbird.com Online Birds of North America. Click on this image for details about the bird.


Introduction to Bird Song and Sounds

Hearbirds.com provides an interactive, self-study course online or on CD-ROM. The course presents recordings of North American bird species. With each sound there is a chart, called a sound spectrogram, sometimes referred to as a sonogram. This sound "picture" reinforces what you hear.

Bird song of Hermit Thrush

Click on "Play the song" above, and follow the song as the line passes through the spectrogram.

Half-speed playback slows down the song to let you study details.

Try the course.

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